When one of the largest and most acclaimed knowledge management groups in India decides to create industry-ready students to meet the never-ending needs of the market, the result is a futuristic design institute. This is the vision with which Ecole Intuit Labs Kolkata was born, under the expert guidance of the Techno India Group. 

Ecole Intuit Labs is a French institute of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. With a swanky campus, it offers a range of courses in design, digital communication, art, and gaming. 


Why Ecole Intuit Labs? 

The intent here is for students to bring out the artist in them and communicate with the world through their creativity and visual expression. Not only will students hone their skills but, through art, also share thought-provoking ideas and initiate conversations with the viewer. Through the programme, students will eventually emerge as confident professionals who thoroughly understand the power art has to influence and inspire.


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What does Ecole Intuit Labs offer?

The institute offers only three courses and these have been well-thought through keeping in mind the current developments of the world.

  1. Visual Communication and Digital Design: It’s safe to say that one of the biggest fusions of the 21st Century has been that of technology and design and at the center of this is Communication Design. This 4-year Bachelor’s degree will prepare students for careers in Art Direction, Digital Design, Brand Strategy and a host of other creative industries.
  2. Bachelor of Game Art and Design: Perfect for students who want to immerse themselves in the game development process, this 3-year Bachelor’s program includes  everything from the fundamentals of design to becoming an industry-ready game designer. Softwares and techniques to expertise in art and aesthetics, this Bachelor’s degree will prepare students to get creative in gaming, with an optional additional year that can be completed from Abertay University.
  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts: This 4-year Bachelor’s program is especially for those students who want to use their creativity to share ideas with the world. Students, through this program, can learn to develop their identity as an artist thanks to apprenticeships, internships, and exhibitions. They will also be taught important media and studio skills. 


While the world is changing, here is an institute that embraces it and allows students the freedom of creativity to create, learn and grow. In a scenario where Design and Technology courses are still being offered as a Diploma, at Ecole Intuit Labs the sole focus is to create individuals who hold a futuristic degree. 


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